Living with a motorcycle racer

No words can explain what it feels like to watch the person you love hurtling at breakneck speeds around a circuit, island, village road or park. Unless you experience it you can’t know what it’s like to have a part of you wanting him to slow down and come and have a cup of tea while the other part would happily jam the throttle open if you thought it would gain him a few extra seconds. I’m hoping that I can give you all a bit of insight into what being a racing WAG is like (for me at least). Motorcycle racing gives you a life of no money, no glamour, certainly no holidays (unless you count a million visits to the Isle of Man) high stress, excitement and disappointment but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My New Skills
Supporting Rhys with racing has massively changed my life. I have become a PA, secretary, PR and marketing assistant, admin assistant, paddock bitch, catering assistant, masseuse, physio, the list goes on! I know what people mean when they talk about barrels, small-ends, big-ends, pistons, jets, and regularly spend hours talking about bikes, races and sponsorship. I genuinely couldn’t see Rhys spending that amount of time discussing speech and language therapy, hair and clothes or any of my interests!

The role I think I love most is being in the paddock. Although I need to get one thing straight – being a paddock bitch is the most unglamorous job ever! At the Manx Grand Prix last year, I could often be seen lugging around a tower of kit made up of paddock stands, wheels, generators and fuel, in an oversized bright red boiler suit; looking like a deformed tellytubby! All of this while surrounded by super glamorous promo girls. I genuinely don’t care though (until people take photos and plaster them all over Facebook) such is the obsession that racing becomes.



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